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Coaches have a huge impact on their players. Some of the best coaches are much more than just a coach -- they are a teacher, a mentor, a friend, a parent figure, a personal trainer, and a lot more. These coaches rise above. They show more dedication than any coach you've ever had. You can tell that they truly love their job, and you can tell that they're overflowing with passion about it.

Coaching is a thankless job. We think great coaches need more praise. We want to take a little bit of time to give them some recognition. They praise their players every time they do something well, so let's take a minute to return the favor.

Nominate your coach for the first annual RMC Athletes' Choice Awards. If your coach wins, you get $100, your coach gets $200 and an award, your team gets swag, and we just might throw in a few more goodies.
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The fine print that is not so fine: We're looking for coaches who deserve recognition who haven't gotten a whole lot of it. We're not looking for coaches who regularly make national news because they're so great. We're looking for the little guy. After we field nominations, we'll move on to a voting round. Also, if multiple people nominate the same coach, only the first nominator will get a prize in the case of that coach winning.