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About was created in 2008 as a student's side project. In 2012, two people turned it into a more serious concept. We now work night and day to make this a tool that coaches and players (hopefully) find useful.
The site was originally created as a tool for players. The founder thought, "I wish I could let my coach know what he could improve on without risking persecution. I wish I could let other players know about my coach so they can use that information while choosing a coach." The site still is a great tool for players contemplating the decision of picking a team or coach, but -- we like to focus on coaches just as much now. One of our co-founders coached a high school team and found out, "Wow. coaching is hard. I wish I could ask my players how I can improve." Coaching is difficult. We try to make it easier.
Now, we have a team of coaches, players, and administrators helping us along the way, and we're trying to bring you the most useful athletic tool possible.